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For teams building advanced agents and workflows.

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60.000 credits /month

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End-to-end implementation of expert AI workflows.

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What are credits?

Credits are the unit of usage on Coherent Cat. Each time that you run an agent or workflow, credits are used.

The usage of Credits depends on the models used by the agents and the compute needed for each task.

Which plan is best for me?

The best way to find out which plan suits your needs is to talk to our team.

If you want to get a first look at our platform try out the Free Plan. 

If you’ve worked with agents before, our Pro Plan let’s you scale up the workload for your Agents and workflows. It also includes a personalized onboarding with our team to get you started.

If you have a problem or task that you want to automate with AI but don’t know where to start, call us and find out how we could get it done for you.

What happens if I go over my credit limit?

If you run out of credits you won’t be able to run Agents until the next cycle (1 month from the start of the previous cycle) or until you upgrade to another Plan.

How does Coherent Cat protect my privacy?

Information that you upload to our Platform remains yours. We do not train on your data. You can read more about our privacy measures here.

What can I expect in our first call?

We strongly believe that providing the best service is a collaborative effort. Therefore, our main goal is to understand the challenge you are facing as much as possible.

If we have enough information, we can give you an assessment of the feasability and what you could expect from a solution built by us.

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