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Founded in Barcelona in 2024 by Gabriel Gavilán & Gonzalo Ybáñez, two Catalan entrepreneurs with many combined years of experience in high-level software development and startup building.

Privately funded, we aim to run a sustainable company building the best SME AI platform out there. 

Our early customers allow us to refine our product as it develops, scaling responsibly. Making sure we not only build something cool, but something that has a real impact on real businesses.

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To bring the revolutionary benefits of artificial intelligence from the latest international research and tech giants, into medium size local companies.

We are all bombarded by news about the incredible advancements of AI, as tech giants keep announcing their breakthroughs. But most business owners have yet to see an impact or are left wondering how to incorporate it into their business.

We bridge the gap between this cutting-edge advancements, and their implementation in your real business.

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