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The problem with ChatGPT

ChatGPT-style assistants need to be walked through tasks in a one-on-one conversation, demanding constant human input and supervision, providing dubious savings as someone has to sit there waiting to decide every next actionThese basic assistants also lack tools specific to your business needed to fully complete tasks.

Try multi-agent systems!

Like a group chat with many specialized AIs with different roles and tools working together autonomously, tackling complex tasks without need of intervention. Enabling real productivity gains that scale and parallelize.

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Fully managed AI SaaS

We take care of configuring, testing, and maintaining a solution for your specific use case that is built to last.


Initial Consultation

We will listen to what challenge you are facing, and help define a scope and plan for how it could be solved with our AI platform 


Proof of concept

We build and deliver for you an almost complete solution for you to test. You get to see by yourself the results and what we can do.


Access it on our platform

You can run your AI workflows directly from your account. No code required!


Continuous Improvement

Your solution will continue to improve over time as we improve our platform and capabilities.

what makes it possible

Our features.

Flexible AIs

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Research + Content Generation

Research and article generation at scale

Creating hundreds of articles with minimal human intervention, using extensive web research and sources citation.

Vision + Research + Content Generation

Product descriptions from product images and documents, in 6 languages

Leveraging GPT-4 vision capabilities to extract information from product images and generate full product descriptions, translated and published automatically

Vision + Research

Lead generation and research

Automation of lead generation through web search, and researching potential targets in depth for contact information.

Our Cases

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Who are we?

We are a self funded startup, with a focus on organic growth as we bridge the gap between the latest research and its practical application in the market of medium-sized businesses. Our AI platform enables you to add the power of AI into any workflow.

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Trust and Reliability

Functionalities built by domain experts. Multiple AI providers, offering fallbacks.

We adapt to your legal requirements

Have as much control over your data as you need. See our Deployment Options

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